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5 Tips for getting the shot – photography tips 

Good photography for your website is an essential element in successfully capturing your audience.

Real success can really only be achieved using a professional photographer or by finding professional generic royalty-free photos online, but for blogs and social media it’s ok to take some of your own to keep your fans up to date.

Just try to apply some basic photography rules:

  1. Always be friendly when approaching people to photograph. Make it exciting for them and remember to always give them a flyer and let them know that there images will be up in about a week.
  2. Composition: it may be hard to compose images when you are shooting events but if you train your eye to always notice well composed scenes it will become your second nature in no time.Getting the shot, photography tips
  • Rule of thirds: imagine that the photograph is divided into segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Try and place the subject of your image along those lines and not in the middle. It makes for a more pleasing composition.
  1. Check your light. Unless you are outside on a sunny day make sure that your flash is on so that the images come out bright enough.
  2. Move in closer. Generally our instincts are to move further away from the subject but a good trick to simplify the shot and remove any unwanted clutter is to get in closer. Always take a step or two closer to the subject when you see that there is too much space around it but be careful not to cut off people’s heads.
  3. Creating context. If you are photographing an event or sports game try and get something in the shot that gives it context. For example if you are photographing a rugby game try and get a player kicking a ball with the ball in the shot or if you photographing

By Simone Millward of SM Photography