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How to leverage Google Adwords to enhance your web traffic

Google Adwords are a very powerful medium to accelerate your websites’ visibility to page 1 of Google.

The more visible your website is, the more traffic and interest you will receive in your products or services. The basic concept involves a system whereby you pay Google on a pay-per-click basis to appear on page 1 for certain search terms that you think people will use, when looking for your business online. Think of it like searching the yellow pages through the index for “Web Developers in Cape Town”. If our website wasn’t featuring you would never find us. Moreover, if we featured at the very bottom of that list or on page two, we would get less enquiries than those nearer the top of the page. The process however to get to the top online, is somewhat more complex.

Google Adwords is a system by which companies bid for key words or phrases associated with their business.

Google then determines the websites’ position, not only by the highest bidder, but also the quality of the ad and the relevance & quality of the landing page the visitor is directed to from the ad.

The overall aim is to make the process as satisfying and pleasing as possible for the browser.

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