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Writing for the web – 6 simple rules

Writing for the web; Whether you are writing a blog or posting an article on your website, writing for the web has a few very basic rules.

Here are six rules for writing for the web

Writing for the web

1 Keep it simple and to the point.

While you want to make it interesting to read try and avoid using to many unnecessary adjectives and clichés. Use “no frills” English. You are not writing a novel.

2 Use clear headers

By using clear headers, you give the reader the opportunity to quickly scan the document and decide which elements are most interesting for them

3 Use paragraphs.

Break your article into concise paragraphs with each paragraph dealing with a single aspect of the article. It keeps the article orderly and makes it easier for people to read.

4 Inverted pyramid.

The inverted pyramid is used by journalists around the world to help with the structure of their articles. Start the article with a leading line or paragraph that tells the reader what the article is going to be about thus giving a general overview of the story. The Inverted pyramid for writing

5 Use SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and a quick and easy way to start with this is to identify the most important words and phrases describing your article. These are called your keywords and keyphrases. You then can use your keywords or keyphrases as sub headers in your article as well as scattering them throughout the article itself. It makes it easier for search engines to find the article if people search for it.

6 Have fun.

People’s attentions spans are short so if you aren’t that interested in writing the article then people will probably not be that interested in reading it. So find events and stories that you find interesting and you will keep your readers interested as well.