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Your website must work for you so tell make sure you tell your web designer exactly what you need.

Your web designer will need to know exactly what you wish to achieve because if your website doesn’t doesn’t do what it is meant to do, there is little point in having it at all. Agreed?

The required functionality of a website can vary dramatically. Some websites are just used as an online portfolio to refer prospective customers to, whereas other websites (probably the majority) are built primarily with the intention of being found by people searching for them via the Worlds largest business directory; Google and to lead them down a strategically planned sales funnel with the ultimate goal of converting them into signing up or buying your products and services.

When briefing your web designer you will need to provide the content for the site and give clear instructions about the following three most important elements:

1) Content and Design

Your website will need to be extremely attractive & visually appealing. You only have on average 7 seconds to capture your users interest thereofre large good quality photos and professionally written persuasive copy are vital. 

Think carefully about what colours are best associated with your product? Is your logo strong and consistent on all your branding material? Think about your target market? Is your corporate identity appealing to the correct people?


2) Functionality

Your new website needs to have the functionality required that is specifically suited to your business.

What do you want your website to do for you? Collect viewers details? Allow online payments? Have a search functionality or online enquire button? Your new website needs to be simple and easy to navigate.

A well thought out “Call To Action” is key; what is it you would like your visitors to do?

Online marketing solutions3) Marketing & visibility on the internet

Your new website needs to be highly optimised for search engines so that it can easily be found on Google searches (and other search engines) for your main keywords. An regularly updated SEO strategy is highly recommended so that you don’t make mistakes.

You may also need to market your website via various different social media channels in order to increase your visibility and widen your digital footprint and ultimately grow the numbers of direct enquiries, signups & bookings through your site.