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Our customized reports gather Google Analytics data, Social insights & newsletter reports

Via Google Analytics and other reporting systems, we deliver detailed and summarized customized reports that are easy for you understand. We constantly monitor and track results and adjust your campaign as often as is necessary to ensure success. 

Measuring results is fundamental to your online marketing success. 

You need to consistently monitor the traffic to and from your website to determine which campaigns are working and which aren’t in order not to waste budget or time marketing to the wrong people.

Many campaigns fail because reporting and traffic analysis is weak and marketeers or business owners are not listening to what people are saying.

We build detailed reports for you pulling in data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and other social media reporting systems help you to analyse the results and then advise on adjustments to the campaign accordingly, to ensure success.

A digital footprint and Website audit is important for bench-marking your marketing efforts

Our customers understand that The Web Factor’s activities are results driven and profit generating – so that they can focus on core business activities and be assured that “The Web Factor” is maximising their opportunity for commercial growth in the “virtual” world. Campaigns are tracked using Google Analytics and other platforms to monitor behaviour and traffic flow around your website.

Our offerings are adaptable, fluid and flexible

Flex up your online muscle

Flex up your online muscle

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