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What is remarketing?

Imagine a world in which you only saw adverts and promotions of subjects, topics and products which you had previously shown an interest in.

That is the world of remarketing

Remarketing lets advertisers target “fence sitters” who have previously visited their website and were indecisive on the first interaction. Leads are then “hotter” the second time round.

Flex up your online muscle

Flex up your online muscle

By clicking around on the internet and showing an interest in certain products or services, advertisers can record where your interests lie and ensure that the adverts you see, via remarketing are customized for you.

What does this mean for the advertiser?

Your ads online can re-appear to your prospects remarketing to to them as they reach the 2nd phase of their buying patterns meaning your ppc campaigns will be seen by “hotter” leads and have more probability of converting.

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