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Video marketing; A Powerful Medium

YouTube has become the worlds second largest search engine.


With more than 1 billion users every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on you Tube and generate billions of views.

That means your business should take advantage of this traffic with the use of video…

Flex your online muscle

Flex your online muscle

As the use of smartphones and mobile devices increases, so does the use of pre-roll video ads.

Video ads work much better on mobile devices than banner ads and is increasing in popularity in order to introduce browsers to your product or services.

With our partners, we have created the 5 second video ad concept in which the single minded message is communicated before a viewer might choose to click the skip button.

The balance of the play time is used to provide additional information and education.

By using animation, sound and voice, mobile video has proven to be an effective medium that should be part of your digital marketing mix.

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