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Testimonial – “The Web Factor are Super Efficient – …You Rock”

Amber from Beyond the Office sent us this marvellous review and video testimonial about the service experience she had with us and how she felt about the outcome of the work we did for her.

Click below to watch the video or read the review below.

“The Web Factor comes highly recommended.  The Web Factor team saved my reputation by creating a beautiful yet simple website.  Previously my website lacked the professional touch – links were not functioning properly – there was no attention to detail.
They are the experts and the team were super friendly, efficient and always going above and beyond.
I run a Freelance admin business and I will be using The Web Factor for all of my clients going forward.  Thank you guys … you rock!”

Amber – Owner of Beyond the Office.

If you need are looking for freelance administrative support to increase efficiency and productivity in YOUR OWN BUSINESS, we recommend that you contact Amber via her website: www.beyondtheoffice.net – her team offer all types of business admin support services to make the journey easier for you!